Justice League (Spoilertalk) | BAD52

Oh what a coincidence! This episode marks the 52nd spoilertalk we’ve had on the show. 52 times of talking about movies. 52 major releases to sit through. And for Justice League, this would be the cinematic equivalent of DC Comic’s “The New 52” campaign–a revamp of sorts to DC’s superhero lineup with all new superhero origin stories.

Zack Snyder brings us Justice League. Or is it Zack Snyder presents us Justice League, a film by Joss Whedon? That’s a tough line to cross. You’ll see why in our discussion, but pretty much the movie feels torn about what it wants to be.  Much like the conflicts in the film, the film’s own production feels like a struggle between two filmmaker’s visions. Both are prevalent, which makes the direction confusing.


If you don’t want this movie spoiled for you, we recommend the spoiler-free video review, here.