Kingsman: The Golden Circle (Spoilertalk) | BAD49

Matthew Vaughn’s KINGSMAN universe just got a whole lot bigger.

2015’s KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE was a fun call-back to the super-spy films of the Sean Connery days when he donned the charm of 007. It was a love-letter to those ridiculous plots and set pieces of the times, complete with fanciful names and a debonair aura in the cheesiest of things. Before the modern take on thriller-spy movies in melodramatic fashion we had films that were just fun to watch, reveling in all its preposterous glory and, might I add, awesome-cool toys. And the cars. Woo! The cars.

This sequel ups the ante to the first film. And it’s not subtle. Not. At. All.

One could only wonder what the third installment might entail. Maybe finally a spy-in-space thriller?



If you don’t want this movie spoiled for you, we recommend the spoiler-free video review, here.