Theaters or Home? And the Future of Movie Theaters | BAD48

Here it is, our first topical discussion for the podcast.

Take note, this episode is a little messy. There really was no structure. Just a general idea, and a few cliff notes. As we work this process out, we promise it’ll flow better. Plus, the cameras we use are definitely not going to work for these long discussions, so that part may have to be dropped altogether (or maybe for only special episodes) because it interrupts the flow of the conversation.

The episode is all about the theaters. The movie experience is a big thing for some of us, while others could care less. Luckily we have both points of views in this podcast. Of course, because of the general nature of this topic, we skirt off into tangents. You’ll see.

For decades people have been going to the theaters, but with technology advancing so quickly, it’s made recreating that experience affordable for some of us. But is the experience the same?

What about you? Are you a theater-goer that prefers the synergy of a community of people with a beefed up system or the safety and comfort of your own home set-up? Leave a comment below and let’s start a conversation.