BadOrBad Origins and the Future | BAD43

This podcast episode marks the first step in a major pivot for this show

We love movies. We love talking about movies. Hence, why we made a review show. But after three years of just talking about movies, I realized there’s a lot more we like to talk about than just movies. During a lot of these podcast reviews we get into other aspects of movies, especially things like 3D conversions, atmosphere of movie theaters, the horrible decisions being made by the DC Film Universe.

I thought it was about time that we talked about other things. Things that we dabble in on the podcast, but now stretch it out a little more. Like why did Netflix change their rating system? Is 4K really that much of an upgrade? The issues going on with certain movie franchises. This annoying reboot revolution.

These are the things that interest me as a lover of movies. And when it comes down to it, that’s what we are: movie lovers. So why not talk about things that people who love movies talk about?

Let me take the time to be a transparent as well, I speak for myself here, but I feel just reviewing movies is getting a little stale from my standpoint. With YouTube racking up movie reviews for hundreds of years in the future, and everybody with a cell phone seems to be making reviews nowadays, there’s plenty of people giving out their “opinions” on movies.  I’m not just interested on giving an opinion, but really want to have a discussion. Having conversations about the things we love makes putting in the work that we do for these so much more enjoyable. The point is not to create podcasts and videos just to hear ourselves talk, but to connect with those that share the same mindset.

This is the reason for the change. To openly talk about other interesting things and connect with those that love movies as much as we do.

So I hope you stick around for the new stuff. Give us a chance. Drop a line. Say hello. And let’s talk about movies.